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The Green Inspiration Academy

Welcome to the Green Inspiration Academy, where we are seeking to be a pioneer in establishing an environment-friendly school, both in terms of building construction and curriculum development. We are a K to 8 Public Charter School located in Highland Hills, Ohio, near Warrensville Heights.

Tuition in our progressive school is free.

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The establishment of the Green Inspiration Academy (GIA) will further diversify educational opportunities in the Greater Cleveland area as it offers high quality education to all types of students, concentrating on both their individual academic and/or special needs. In addition, the school will conduct regular assessments for both teachers and students to ensure the provision of high quality education.


Green Inspiration Academy Celebrates Over 20 years in Operation!
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Our State Report Cards rates us as a B in Value Added and a B in K-3 Literacy!
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 Congratulations to The Green Inspiration Academy
 Congratulations to the Green Inspiration Academy noted as one of Ohio’s “high-flying” public schools in reading.” The Fordham Institute’s “Ohio Gadfly Daily” did an ad hoc study of Ohio reading scores, calling out several public schools for excellent performance, including both district and community schools.”Two high-poverty urban schools in Cleveland made the list,” writes analyst Aaron Churchill. “Clark School, a K-8 district school, and Hope Academy Chapelside charter school (now named the Green Inspiration Academy). Schools that serve disadvantaged youngsters can and do make a large impact on reading achievement. Keep up the good work!”


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